The ForceBeWithMDXU concept was to make a promotional video for the school of Media and Performing arts.  The work is produced as part of the assessment for MED2001 Advanced Media Production module. The lightsaber fight was choreographed by a student in the dance department and the music was made by a student from the Music department. The students have done remarkably well both in terms of cinematic language as well as gathering resources and getting people involved in the project who were not in the same department as they were.

The project was a promotional based project where students aimed to promote the Media and Performing Arts Department of Middlesex University. However, instead of just an infomercial of what the University offers they created an awesome concept video based around the theme of Star Wars, in the hope the video would be shared and go viral.

As the new sequel of the Star Wars movie was soon to be released, students decided to make a video which is loosely based on it, or another words, a parody. Eugene Weng Sheng Ong, a member of the student team who produced the work, says that the video displayed the creativity and innovation of their team in creating this promotional video, hoping that it will go viral. In order to produce this video up to their expectations, they decided to collaborate with two other students from the Theatre Arts, Dance and Pop Music. This project was to aimed to show the public and audiences of the creativity that Middlesex University has to offer in the courses and the skills that can be developed throughout their journey in Middlesex University.

The filming took place at the Grove of Middlesex University. Students decided to make the shoot all in one day as it was only a skit (short video). They started their filming around 7.30pm, a little later than our scheduled shoot which was to start at 6pm, due to an event which was ongoing in the Grove. After that, they started shooting all the scenes based on our storyboard, with a little of improvisation on scene. They roughly finished their shots around 12.30am. The editing started immediately next morning, to ensure they have a rough cut. They eventually finished their rough cut 2 days later. After that, they split into two teams in editing the videos. Yoanna and Chris, was in charge doing the final cut whereas, Eugene was in charge of finishing the rough cut, behind the scenes video and trailer. They eventually finished all of the video by 15th April prior to the launch of the main promotional video which was at 20th April.

Eugene Weng Sheng Ong says that they had ups and downs in producing the project as every production will encounter.

“We had problems as our schedules differ and we had to find times to gather and discuss our progress. However, despite all the obstacles and adversities, we managed to finish the production through thick and thin. We were quite organized in a sense that each of us knew what our roles were and each of us are vital in completing the project. We had our promotional team who was working hard in making the video go viral through social video and also the filming team who made the video as cool as possible. After all the things that we have been through, I am truly blessed to have gone through with this production as it was a wonderful experience to go through. Although it has been a learning process, I would safely say I enjoyed it a lot.”

“Since we decided to make a promo video for School of Media and Performing Arts we also wanted to include students from other departments. We thought that by showing collaboration with some talented students from our school it would be another way to promote. Therefore in our project we have contacted number of students from Theatre Arts, Pop-Music and Dance courses what then resulted in close partnership with Abigail Gibson who is promising and very talented third year choreographer as well as Sophia Carabias; first year pop-music student who is indeed gifted musician. Working with them has been great pleasure and we are hoping will develop into further productive collaboration in the future.”

“This project has been a wonderful product of our hard work and we dearly hope it will serve as a stepping stone for our future careers. We all enjoyed it and definitely hope it will serve as an example for the juniors to see in the future.”


Links to student work:

Force (forcebewithmdxu)


ForceBeWithMDXU (Teaser)


Students involved: Yoanna Angelova, Asra Emwazi, Krzysztof Henryk Hunczak, Jamuna Limbu, Eugene Ong, John Rotter


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