The work was produced as part of the group creative project final assignment for second year MED2001 Advanced Media Production module. The students wanted to make a promotional video for the school and the BA in Media and Cultural Studies in particular. They called the project MDX Funk as it was tightly related to Bruno Mars’ video Uptown Funk. The purpose of the project was to get both people the students knew and strangers to participate in their project by engaging with theor social media presence by sending them videos of them dancing to the song mentioned above. Then they filmed students on campus and ultimately they have created a dance compilation video that promotes the Media and Performing Arts school at Middlesex. Students who participated in the project says that the point of this project was for everyone to have fun and to showcase the fun at Middlesex.

Irina Maria Jurj, one of the students who was part of this project, says:

The filming went very well. It was a lot of hard work to convince the students on campus to start dancing for us, especially because most of them were strangers. However, they were very nice and helped with the project. The editing went quite smooth. It’s a very detailed work, so it took very long, but it went well, we had fun and we are satisfied with how it turned out

She adds:

This project was really fun to produce. What was really great about it, was that we got to create a social media presence for it and we had a lot of people liking our Facebook page (Mdx funk you up) and contributing with home videos. In addition to that, we had two days of filming on campus which helped a lot in making the project slightly easier to produce, as we did not have multiple locations to film in. This also enabled us to meet a lot of really nice students and we hope they had as much fun dancing for us, as we did making the project.


Student work:


MDX Funk You Up Bloopers

MDX Funk You Up Sneak Peak

Promo video for MDX funk


Students involved: Raveena Assi, Irina Jurj, Kirsty Paine, Medeine Pranskunaite, Gerda Siauciulyte


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