Jake Toon took part in the Wikipedia elections edithaton. He says that:

The experience was certainly an ‘experience’. Staying awake for 24 hours with people I had never met was not only strange, but completely fun. Working through the night we set out to edit 650 articles on the Uk constituencies as the results came in live. It was so amazing to see how the professionals edited and coded pages so quickly and created template codes from the top of their heads.

It was a collaborative process so we all decided on a plan of action as a team before the closing polls came in. We had a long list of the articles that needed to be edited and it was my job to go through them and add the code for the turn out and majority of the elections and then adding the information to the post as the live results came in. The process was pretty calm but we were finding that there were people up and down the country updating and editing articles before we had got to them due to the couple minute delays we had from watching online. but there was a sense of achievement from going through over 200 articles and editing them ready for others to add their own information.


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